Change Management

The continual change affects the business, as well as the IT Organisations. With a functioning Change Management, you can adequately evaluate, prioritise and record changes and you can avoid typical risks in change processes.
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Change Management

Changes become a relaxed matter

Companies, just as public administrations, are subject to a constantly high change dynamic. The causes are often reorganisations due to strategic adaptations to the market conditions and customer needs or legal influences. Personal influences or new technical developments for the business and production processes also count themselves among the typical impulse generators.

In order to ensure the dependability, efficiency and continuity as critical success factors, an intelligent and future-oriented Change Management is necessary. This process is granted the responsible task of not only adequately recording, assessing and prioritising the changes to the IT organisation, but also planning, testing, implementing and documenting them.

The effort for the introduction or optimisation of the Change Management is worthwhile in any case, because thus the implementation time for changes can be reduced and changes can be performed in a very controlled manner. An important result is also the fact, that the typical risks in the change processes can be avoided. However, this is not enough: At the same time, an organisation-wide agreed planning of changes takes place and important optimisation effects are created in the service quality, but the IT operation is also relieved. This is achieved by means of a unitary process over the entire IT service lifecycle and an adequate tool support.

In addition, an efficient Change Management process ensures the observance of Compliance and IT Governance requirements, thus boosting the revision security.

Manifold Benefits of the Change Management

  • Higher efficiency: Changes are only implemented in a controlled manner in the IT organisation. By means of the standardisation (Change Templates), resource planning and risk minimisation, the cost of the implementation decreases. Possible consequential disruptions are also avoided.
  • Clear responsibilities: Clear roles and responsibilities are defined for the implementation and control of changes in the IT organisation and established by means of proven methodology.
  • Complete integration: The process is implemented into the existing process and tool landscape including the important interfaces to the Configuration Management, Release and Deployment Management and Problem Management (if existing). Likewise, an optimum integration into the process organisation of the IT Service Provider takes place.
  • Impulses for the service quality: Service interruptions caused by changes are minimised, customer requests can be implemented in a shorter time.

Professionals make the difference

The Change Management in accordance with ITIL® has been further developed by the ITSM Consulting AG in a practice-oriented manner - thus the benefit and effectiveness are further optimised.

We, from the ITSM Group prove, in perpetual new projects, that our implementation methodology basing on Best Practices ensures optimum results. We understand the customer request not only as the creation of concepts and documentations acting in a manner tailored to suit the needs, but at the same time we ensure that the implementation generates the expected positive result.

Like no other consulting company for the IT Service Management, we have a practice-proven IT Quality Methodology which generates a supplemental added value in all projects. 

Why ITSM Group?

  • Specialised - by means of the absolute focussing on quality
  • Sustainable process and tool implementations with measurable quality by means of defined KPIs
  • ITSM Consulting involves itself in your project with the costs and efficiency risk
  • Absolute enthusiasm for the topic of IT Service Management
  • Measurable project success