Problem Management

Remedy faults with standardised approaches and avoid overloads of your support and operational units. With a functioning Problem Management you can track the disturbance causes in your IT organisation and you can proactively avoid problems.
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Problem Management

On the trail of the disruption causes

After implementing a process for the Incident Management, many IT organisations realise the volume of disruptions which strains their resources in the support and operation units.

Without a problem management, the problem source is not identified and eliminated. However, even if the disruption causes are already known, often no elimination takes place in practice, as a standardised procedure for documentation and problem solving is lacking.

Structured analyses, whether there are measures for reducing the occurrence of disruptions, are necessary. The Problem Management provides convincing answers to the elementary question, of how a sustainable remedying of the causes of recurring disruptions can be achieved - or which means are available in order to proactively find the disruption causes and remedying them before incidents occur.

Manifold Benefits of the Problem Management

  • Efficiency: The organisation is put in the position of detecting disruption causes and to adequately react to them - optionally even before the actual disruptions occur.
  • Responsibilities: Clear roles and responsibilities are defined for the implementation and control of the process and established by means of proven methodology. This makes it possible to experience the process and to use it advantages.
  • Integration: The process is implemented including the important interfaces to the existing process and tool landscape.
  • Service quality: With less disruptions and short disruption remedying times, the service quality overall is improved.

Professionals make the difference

We, from the ITSM Group prove, in perpetual new projects, that our implementation methodology basing on Best Practices ensures optimum results. We understand the customer request not only as the creation of concepts and documentations acting in a manner tailored to suit the needs, but at the same time we ensure that the implementation generates the expected positive result.

Like no other consulting company for the IT Service Management, we have a praxis-proven IT Quality Methodology which generates a supplemental added value in all projects. 

Why ITSM Group?

  • Specialised - by means of the absolute focussing on quality
  • Sustainable process and tool implementations with measurable quality by means of defined KPIs
  • ITSM Consulting involves itself in your project with the costs and efficiency risk
  • Absolute enthusiasm for the topic of IT Service Management
  • Measurable project success

Best Practice Methodology for the Process Implementation and Improvement

  • Creation of core teams as multipliers for each process
  • Execution of individually objective-oriented workshops for each process with the core teams
  • Supporting the operational implementation of the improvement measures ("Submerging into the organisation")
  • Coaching of the most important roles
  • Support in the creation of documentation
  • Need-based conducting of trainings
  • Anchoring into the existing process landscape with clear interfaces
  • Design of an efficient transfer from the conceptual stage into the daily processes