Release And Deployment Management

Simplify the rollout of new software versions and orient yourself during development by the customer requirements and not by functions. In order to be able to sustainably and continually ensure the quality of the IT Services, especially after changes, the implementation of a Release And Deployment Process is necessary.
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Release and Deployment Management

Easily implementing new software & updates

The information technology of the companies and the public administration is permanently changing, especially also by means of the continual further development of applications. In this context, the problem often to be monitored in practice: The development of new software versions takes place in a function-oriented manner, according to certain methods and principles, however the operation of these applications often exhibits conditions, which are not completely incorporated in the development. 

The consequences of these discrepancies can be very diverse. They include a lacking standardisation of hardware and software, as well as the insufficient orientation towards customer needs. A large frequency of necessary changes, difficulties in planning the resources for changes and temporal delays in their implementation also count among the typical consequences. In order to be able to sustainably and continually ensure the quality of the IT Services, especially after changes, the implementation of a Release and Deployment process is necessary.

The transfer of the hardware and software planning, including the documentation, into the live operation lies within the responsibilities of the Release and Deployment process. To this purpose, Release and Deployment plans are developed, which consequently orient themselves by the business requirements of the customer. This also includes the fact, that an implementation of the test and approval procedures takes place, which are oriented towards the service requests of the customer and a quality-ensured delivery of the service benefit.

The tangible benefits of the Release and Deployment Managements especially encompasses

  • The risks and costs for the deployment of new or modified IT services are noticeably reduced.
  • Simplification of the support processes through the reduced complexity of the IT infrastructure
  • Reduction of the number and frequency of changes by bundling several changes together in a release
  • The requirements for the comprehensibility of activities and decisions (Compliance) are fulfilled with precision.
  • An integration of the activities for the continual service improvement into the daily operation takes place.
  • The procedures for testing and implementing new or modified IT Services, respectively their components are homogeneously defined.


How is the benefit achieved?

  • Implementation of customer-oriented test and approval procedures
  • Integration of the activities for the continual service improvement into the daily operation
  • Establishing of short, medium and long-term planning cycles, coordinated with the Change Management

Professionals make the difference

We, from the ITSM Group prove, in perpetual new projects, that our implementation methodology basing on Best Practices ensures optimum results. We understand the customer request not only as the creation of concepts and documentations acting in a manner tailored to suit the needs, but at the same time we ensure that the implementation generates the expected positive result.

Like no other consulting company for the IT Service Management, we have a praxis-proven IT Quality Methodology which generates a supplemental added value in all projects. 

Why ITSM Group?

  • Specialised - by means of the absolute focussing on quality
  • Sustainable process and tool implementations with measurable quality by means of defined KPIs
  • ITSM Consulting involves itself in your project with the costs and efficiency risk
  • Absolute enthusiasm for the topic of IT Service Management
  • Measurable project success

What support can you expect from us

  • Provisioning and customising of templates models for the most important planning documents
  • Common creation of the necessary release policies as global specifications for the process
  • Development of the release plans, as well in the medium to long-term orientation, as also for each individual case
  • Performing of the role coaching in order to optimally prepare the respective employees for their new or modified tasks
  • Organising and moderation of coordination rounds with the Change Manager and all the important persons in charge of the process
  • Accompanying review meetings for identifying of improvement measures