Service Level Management

Increase the satisfaction of your customer by defining the service quality and continually monitoring and substantiating it. The consequent service orientation towards the customer is ensured by a functioning Service Level Management.
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Service Level Management

On the safe side by means of measurable IT Quality

The demands of the customers for the transparency and quality of the services is continually growing. The degree of accuracy with which the IT organisation can answer, significantly decides on the satisfaction and price acceptance. Thus, it is becoming more and more important for the IT organisations, to define their service quality by means of Service Levels and to subject it to a continuous monitoring. Not only out of reasons for a convincing documentation for the customers, but also in order to use the results of the systematic monitoring as constructive impulses for a continual service improvement or to achieve a high degree of costs transparency of the services.

Ultimately, this serves the superior objective of a consequent service-orientation towards the customer. A proven because very likely to be successful way there is the implementation of a Service Level Management (SLM), which, complementary to the Service Catalogue Management is oriented towards the customer interface.

Wanting to dedicate oneself to the Service Level Management can have very different reasons or problem statements:

  • The quality of the IT Service has to be stipulated in Service Level Agreements with customers (SLAs), between internal departments (OLAs) or for external suppliers (UCs).
  • You need a concrete support when implementing SLM processes and/or creating SLAs, OLAs, UCs.
  • You wish to develop a standardised framework for SLAs, OLAs and UCs.
  • The customer satisfaction has to be measured and monitored.
  • The description of the IT services has to be moulded in a unitary and measurable form.
  • Processes for the structured monitoring, control and continual improvement of the service quality have to be implemented.
  • It is necessary to improve the costs transparency of services.
  • The involvement of the customer when defining the services has to be improved.

The benefits of our SLM consulting

  • The customer requirements are gathered with precision and stipulated in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • The SLM is implemented as a continual process, which takes all stages of a service lifecycle into consideration (from the assimilation of customer requirements up to the monitoring in the operational activity). Thus it is ensured that aspects of the Service Quality are sufficiently taken into consideration already from the design stage.
  • The service quality becomes measurable, so it can thus be monitored and continually improved. All service components are coordinated between internal departments and external suppliers.
  • The services are made available according to necessity, whilst a too low or too high quality is avoided.
  • Standardised SLA/OLA/UC structures allow for the efficient definition of services.

Our Promise

The Service Level Management counts among the core competences of the ITSM Consulting AG. Our practice-proven and thus success-assuring methods guarantee, that you will achieve a service transparency and quality control in an entirely new dimension. Thereby, we typically structure our consulting into two core scopes:

  • Development of customer-specific, standardised SLA structures
  • Design and implementation of the SLM process in its entire necessary activities

For all the requests for a perfect SLA management, we have convincing answers, namely from the conceptional planning up to the operational support and necessary trainings. With our IT Quality methodology, we are offering in addition something special, which no other consulting company can offer you. It serves to measure the quality also in the Service Level Management according to clearly defined criteria, in order to be able to control the SLA processes in the best possible manner.

Your way to the effective Service Level Management

  • Orientation: We ascertain your solution needs in the Service Level Management together.
  • Conceive: We develop the methodical procedures based upon our success-proven methods.
  • Accomplish: By means of the SLM, you will obtain a service transparency and quality control in an entirely new dimension.