Maturity Level Analysis

Obtain an overview of the current capacity of your ITSM processes and clarify the question whether you can dependably and verifiably fulfil the customer requirements.
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Maturity Level Analysis

How capable are your IT processes actually?

With the design of the IT processes, even if it is derived from standards and Best Practices, the customer requirements and corporate strategies are not necessarily optimally depicted. Furthermore, due to the many influences, the IT organisations are subject to continuous changes, which can, for instance, generate a sneakingly growing discrepancy between requests and the actual performance level.

How can an overview of the current performance of the IT Service Management processes be created and the question, whether the customer needs can be fulfilled dependably and verifiably, be answered? Which deficits exist where and how can improvement activities be prioritised in regard to the quickest and broadest benefit?

How can the success of qualitative optimisation measures be measured and the consequent development of the IT process model be durably controlled? These questions can only be answered by means of a systematic assessment of the relevant IT processes, as we offer them with our objective process maturity level analysis. It allows, on the one hand, the ascertainment of the current level of maturity of the prioritised IT processes and building on it, the implementation of improvement measures for the process optimisation in a target-oriented manner. 

On the other hand, the method allows for company-wide benchmarking of selected IT processes and thus a classification of the customer organisation into the market-based stage of maturity level. Our Maturity Level Analysis is based on the Best Practices from ITIL®. For each of the established IT Service Management processes of this framework, there is a defined set of requirements, with the help of which the most important aspects of the process performance can be verified. The individual requirements to the respective ITSM process are consolidated into a specific questionnaire, which serves as a guideline for the ascertainment of the process maturity level. Our Maturity Level Analysis is proven in practice and is suited for IT providers of various sizes, as well as for IT departments in companies and in the public administration.

Benefits of the Maturity Level Analysis

  • Systematic analysis: A structured assessment of the IT organisation in relation to the process-orientation takes place.
  • High insight gain: The process stage of maturity analysis helps the IT Management to assess the weaknesses and risks of the current process organisation in a very efficient manner and to derive the necessary improvement measures.
  • Optimisation and planning help: Priorities and objectives for improvement on the organisation segment, for processes and the necessary tools can be derived from the results.
  • Ensuring sustainability: The control and continual quality improvement of the processes is supported with periodical (re)assessments.
  • Performance comparison: A benchmarking with other IT organisations, in relation to selected ITSM processes, is made possible.

Professionals make the difference

We, from the ITSM Group prove, in perpetual new projects, that our implementation methodology basing on Best Practices ensures optimum results. We understand the customer request not only as the creation of concepts and documentations acting in a manner tailored to suit the needs, but at the same time we ensure that the implementation generates the expected positive result.

Like no other consulting company for the IT Service Management, we have a praxis-proven IT Quality Methodology which generates a supplemental added value in all projects. 

Why ITSM Group?

  • Specialised - by means of the absolute focussing on quality
  • Sustainable process and tool implementations with measurable quality by means of defined KPIs
  • ITSM Consulting involves itself in your project with the costs and efficiency risk
  • Absolute enthusiasm for the topic of IT Service Management
  • Measurable project success

Best Practice Procedure Model

  • Conception with definition of the processes ot be analysed, clarification of the procedures and identification of the most important process-related contact persons.
  • Performing of interviews and inspection of documents, tools, as well as processes up to the data gathering in the analysis tool.
  • Assessment of the degree of implementation of the defined process requirements, determining of the stage of maturity and identification of the largest weak spots, as well as action recommendations.
  • Review and result presentation with preparation of the analysis results, result presentation and discussion, as well as prioritisation of the necessary optimisation measures.