Profitability Analysis - Public Administration

We have a broad field of experience and deep specialised knowledge at our disposal, for solutions in the Public Administration. We support you in the profitability assessment, both with regards to its contents and methodically, under economical, organisational and project-specific aspects.
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Profitability Analysis - Public Administration

It comes down to precision

Each IT initiative has to pursue a loss or benefit objective. This is why, before a measure, both the monetary and non-monetary effects, as well as possible investment alternatives have to be ascertained. In order to sufficiently clarify these questions, the legislator stipulates profitability assessments in accordance with the administrative provisions (VV) regarding §7 Federal Budgetary Regulations (BHO) for IT measures. 

The execution of a profitability assessment serves the purpose of making possible risks identifiable over the entire process progression, from the beginning until the end, generating planning security, as well as making a substantiated decision base for investment alternatives available.

The core of the profitability assessment consists of the capital value analysis for monetary values as well as the value benefit analysis for non-monetary values. By using the cash values in the capital value analysis, the time value of the accruing costs and revenues is taken into consideration. Thereby, in accordance with the service lifecycle, all accruing costs and benefits from the planning stage until shutdown (Total Cost of Ownership) are to be taken into consideration. The uncertain factors also have to be included.

Our practice-proven profitability assessment competences for you

The calculations themselves can be performed with the profitability assessment calculator, a software made available free of charge by the Federal Bureau for Information Technology (BIT) for Windows and Linux systems.

As a long-standing eGovernment partner, the ITSM Consulting AG possesses a wide field of experience and deep specialised knowledge regarding intelligent solutions for the public administration. We provide support in the profitability assessment, both with regards to its contents and methodically, under business, organisational and project-specific aspects. 

The concrete consulting fields include:

  • Performing the profitability assessment
  • Implementation and use of the profitability assessment calculator
  • Training of the employees regarding the profitability calculations and the profitability assessment calculator
  • Assessment of the profitability for planned measures

Shaping the road to there in a convincing manner is precisely the expertise of the ITSM Consulting AG. Because whilst we consequently use Best Practices and achieve even ambitious objectives without the often typical detours, you win two-fold: firstly quick and secondly economically substantiated investment decisions.