IT Quality Added Value Strategy

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IT Quality as ITSM Added Value Strategy

With the IT Quality approach, the ITSM Consulting AG goes a clear step over the previous methods and especially the ones shaped by the process orientation in the IT Service Management. The core objective thereby is to first systematically define the qualitative conditions in the IT services, then analyse them and finally being able to control them in a quality-oriented manner. Thus, a distinct added value as opposed to the previous approaches is generated.

IT Quality...

  • ...refers to the processes in the IT Service Management.

The quality term is undoubtedly not new in the IT organisations, for instance regarding the technical performance of systems or networks. The additional and thus new focus, however, is directed on the service quality in the IT organisations. Indeed, in this context, the discussion about quality is always in a general form, while for instance it was acted with the formula, however as long as quality cannot be clearly defined and measured, only general and completely unsupported statements hide behind it. The necessary methodological foundations were lacking for an objective assessment of the IT services until now.

  • ...clearly surpasses the process-oriented approach.

The successive construction of process-oriented and thus mostly ITIL®-compliant structure of the last few years has admittedly created the foundations for future-oriented IT services, however, a process management is not to be put on a level with a quality management for the IT services, which is why a targeted addendum is needed. Insofar, IT Quality constitutes an evolutionary further development, while the IT organisations develop from the stage of a process-oriented IT Service Management to a service and quality-oriented IT Service Management.

  • based upon a methodical concept proven effective in practice.

Despite the colourful framework world, the topic of how the IT quality can be defined, measured and compared has remained widely open until now. ITIL® on its own also gives no answer to how an appropriated quality standard for IT services within the company can be structured and effectively controlled across all stages of the service lifecycle. This deficit is now eliminated by the "IT Quality Cube". It represents a preconfigured set of typical and practice-proven quality criteria of the IT services and processes. From it, a subset can be selected in target group or requirement-related manner and agreed in the shape of an individual quality norm for the customer organisation. With this method, which is based on an intelligent combination of ITIL®, COBIT®, as well as other marketable standards, IT organisation can not only define their individual performance norms, but also simultaneously implement an effective assessment and control system for the quality management of their IT services. This unique instrument until now has been developed from concrete practice.

  • ...makes the quality of the IT Services objectively measurable.

An essential component of the "IT Quality Cube" is the "IT Quality Index". It represents the respective service quality as a key performance indicator. This unique method until now, precisely determines how the quality of the individual processes are constituted as a sum which is needed for the daily providing of services. Thus, the responsible persons find out with pinpoint accuracy which risk potentials with extensive consequences are located in the individual IT services. The practical advantage consists of the fact that the services, where a need for optimisation exists and where quality improvement have to be performed with priority, can be identified at once.

  • ...offers a TÜV-Certification of the IT Services.

The IT Quality methodology of the ITSM Consulting AG has also become the initiator of having the IT services first submit to a TÜV-Certification. This certificate "TÜV Approved IT Service Quality" offers IT organisations the possibility of proving their own quality level to the customers and business partners, respectively to their own Management in an objective and convincing manner. Thereby, the entire or individually selected IT services can be subjected to a certification. At the same time, in correlation with the certification, it is being determined, where in the IT services possible quality weaknesses or even risks can be situated. Insofar, the already existing strategies for the quality optimisation are actively supported, as necessary improvement measures and investment priorities can be clearly identified.

  •  ...requires value-added solutions for the IT Processes.

The implementation of IT processes in accordance with Best Practices, like ITIL®, represents the foundation for any IT Quality strategy. However, as with the process orientation of IT services, no foundations for defining the individual quality requirements as well as the objective performance analysis for the ITSM Quality Management are yet created, a pinpoint completion by means of appropriate analysis and control instruments is needed for the implementation or optimisation.

During the implementation of the IT Quality compliant processes in the IT organisation, value-added solutions are therefore obtained: process-oriented plus quality-oriented. In this combination, they can be accomplished exclusively by the ITSM Consulting AG, as it reaches over a pervasive IT Quality Roadmap from the methodology for the ITSM Quality Management (IT Quality Cube) through the value added process solutions, up to the certification of the quality of the IT services.