Quality Financial Management

We have expanded the classical procedures for the Financial Management by an optimal quality component. They make it possible to define the quality of the services and also to allow them to be objectively measured.
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Quality Financial Management

A quality-oriented control system for cost accounting

The advantages begin with the fact, that it supports the service provider in selecting the cost model favourable to him and thus creates the fundament for a dependable cost accounting, financial planning and charging. The IT Quality Index also provides an important assistance in constructing an adequate cost centre. It is the prerequisite for convincing cost analyses and pinpoint measures for increasing the efficiency. At the same time, this method makes a tool for selecting the audit-proof costs classification basing on the offered services available.

And an additional benefit for the cost accounting: By establishing a catalogue of the investment commodities, including amortisation procedures and their time frames, investments can be better planned. In addition, the causes of budget deviations can be systematically analysed with the help of the Quality Index method.

The approach of the ITSM Consulting AG offers important potentials for optimisations also for the financial planning. It often takes an insufficient shape, as budgets are created basing on imprecise assessments of the expenses for an incomplete task catalogue of the IT. This changes by using the IT Quality Index as a foundation, as the service provider obtains a substantiated and comprehensive financial planning process, in which all tasks from the service improvement programs, projects or routine activities are taken into consideration.

Similar positive effects emerge in accounting for services. By means of the IT Quality Index method, it determines the optimum price for its services, taking the costs, competitor and market views into consideration. Likewise, the IT organisation obtains criteria for implementing a monitoring of the services as a foundation for settlements. In addition, by means of a measure package for monitoring the benefit behaviour it can be determined which effects the implementation of the accounting for services has on the user behaviour and service utilisation.

Exclusive IT Quality benefit for the Financial Management

  • Innovative benefit: This up until now unique quality-oriented approach clearly goes beyond the classical methods of Financial Management.
  • Better budget control: Budget deviations can be systematically analysed for their causes.
  • More transparency: Cost centre structure meeting the demands, for convincing cost analyses and pinpoint measures for increasing the efficiency.
  • More purposeful decision: Comprehensive financial planning processes, in which all tasks, projects and routine activities are taken into consideration.
  • Less effort: The added-value method of the IT Quality Index consistently guarantees a clear relief of the resources with simultaneously better control ability.