Quality Security Management

We have expanded the classical procedures for the Security Management by an optimal quality component. It is based on the "IT Quality Cockpit" and makes it possible to define the quality of the security measures and also to allow them to be objectively measured.
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Quality Security Management

IT Security with Quality Aspirations

Companies organisationally and technically exhibit high change dynamics. Thereby, it is inevitably accompanied by the fact that the Security Management is also continually confronted with new requirements. In consequence of scarce resources or other project priorities, these security and technical requirements are not implemented in parallel, or not even comprehended, so that severe security vulnerabilities can develop unnoticed.

This is why methods for an active Security Management, which is oriented towards defined quality scales and thus ensures a security level meeting the requirements at any time, are necessary. However, conventional approaches are most commonly unable to fulfil this demand, as they are lacking the active and quality-oriented control methodology. For the ITSM Consulting AG, this was a reason for expanding the classical approaches to Security Management by means of an optimum quality component. It is based on the own methodology of the "IT Quality Cockpit" and makes it possible to define the quality of the security measures in an operable manner and then allowing it to be measured objectively. 

An essential component is the "IT Quality Index", by means of which the responsible persons find out to the point which strengths and weaknesses exist within the security infrastructure. Thus, an up until now unique assessment and control system is made available as an optionally usable added-value module. 

It thus allows to continually verify the currentness of the security guidelines and if needed, it can be revised in accordance with the protection needs of the company. At the same time, the integrated Quality Index cares for a comprehensive transparency for the business users for all services. In order to achieve this, the flows of information are adequately anchored in the organisation. It is also guaranteed that the assets used by the services and they are classified according to their need for protection.

Ambitious risk management and additional advantages

The IT Quality approach also generates an essential benefit for the Risk Management. It factors in the reasonable deployment of standard procedures, like for instance the Fault Tree and Business Impact Analysis for the systematic assessment of risks in the provision of services. The derived corrective and protection measures can be thereby chosen individually, in accordance with economic criteria.

In addition, the method focuses a large portion of attention on taking into consideration the risks also in the context of individual services and of service providing, including their mutual dependencies. While doing so, the Quality Index accesses, for the risk assessment, a Configuration Management database equipped with the necessary information and performs thorough risk analyses.

Being able to quickly react

Not least, the IT Quality-oriented security method of the ITSM Consulting AG also takes into consideration the Business Continuity Management and incorporates the security requirements immediately into the Change Management processes. And as Security Incidents occasionally require a quick reaction, a comprehensive assistance is also provided in this regard. For the IT Quality method generates classifications of the priorities, escalation times and degree of severity for incidents, meeting the requirements.

Independently thereof, special reports and ones differentiated by target groups provide support for an overview of the security situation at any time. The establishing of procedures for making all relevant information to all participants in the control and operational processes accessible and continually keeping them up-to-date is part of the comprehensive transparency. Completely in the sense of an ambitiously experienced Security Quality in the IT organisation at any time.

Exclusive IT Quality benefit for the Security Management

  • Innovation: This up until now unique quality-oriented method clearly goes beyond the present methods of the security organisation.
  • Higher risk precaution: By means of a gapless control instrument, the premises for an optimal security are created.
  • Distinct efficiency gain: The reaction to possible security issues is quick and with low effort.
  • Continually up-to-date: Changes to the business of the customers or of the IT organisation are permanently depicted in the security methods.