Service Reporting

You attain a best possible customer-orientation by means of a picture which is as accurate as possible, regarding the performance status and the development of the IT services. A functioning Service Reporting with KPI profiles gives you a clear statement about your services.
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Service Reporting

An as exact as possible picture at any time of the performance status and of the development of the IT services is needed if only for the reason of a customer-orientation as best as possible. However, reports for an efficient service control nowadays are far from being taken for granted. And where such a Service Reporting exists, it often exhibits considerable weaknesses.

They result for instance from the fact, that the reports are not service or customer-relevant, they do not depict a differentiated orientation to the various addressees content-wise, they do not have a trend development and depiction of target or threshold levels, they relinquish explanations and have no reference to the daily processes which deliver the services. Thereby, the reports remain limited in their benefit value, as the key performance indicators only provide a limited possibility of appraisal. With these many disadvantages, the practice-proven method developed by us for the Service Reporting fully cleans house.

Different target groups require different information

An important methodical principle resides in the fact that the key performance indicators should be divided into four types at their definition, in order to later simplify the target group-specific reporting. This includes the key performance indicators for the processes, operational level, services and the business. Besides, a differentiation into control and goal-attaining KPIs respectively follows. Thus, a modular and when needed, additionally refineable reporting is possible, which can be precisely tailored to the requirements of the various target groups.

The Process Owner and Process Manager belong to these various groups of people on the one hand. They have to be supplied especially with the respective information about the current attainment of objectives regarding the process goals. In addition, the Process Managers often require even more detailed information about their process, in order to be able to control it in a targeted manner and to ensure a frictionless sequence. The team leaders and persons responsible for the service as additional addressees of the reports, however, require a need for detailed information about a service, respectively for the teams responsible for it.

With the KPI profile to more convincing reports

An additional particularity of the IT Quality method of our Service Reporting is the so-called KPI profile. More than a dozen attributes are defined in it, clearly defining each key performance indicator. Thereby, the reports obtain a clearly greater significance than usual. In addition, explicit target groups can be selected for certain KPIs in the KPI profile, which are not contained in the default scheme.

Advantages of our Service Reporting

  • The Process Reporting is related with the Service Quality: If all processes attain their objectives, the Service Quality also complies.
  • Low expenditure accomplishment: A report template is developed for all services, which can then be used again for all other services.
  • All success-critical factors at a glance: By using different KPI types and classification into control and goal-achieving KPIs, a maximum transparency is generated for each target group with the reports.
  • Better understanding of the key performance indicators: The automatically gathered KPIs can also be manually explained.
  • 13-Months-Reporting: Trends and a comparison of the current month with the month of the previous year are displayed therein.