Digital Learning

Digital work is self-evident in today's world. Communication and information channels such as chats, mails, web sessions, Skype or YouTube make every day work easier. Also in our leisure time, we are increasingly using digital content to provide us with the information we need at the very moment when we need it. Whether you need help setting up the gear on your new bike or looking for tips for the perfect steak at the next barbecue party: For all of this, there is already a suitable video on the internet that provides you with exactly these answers. Therefore, it is not surprising that digital learning is becoming increasingly important.
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Individual solutions

Successful and stable learning content due to individually tailored solutions!

In addition to the standard content, we offer you customized content, such as tool tutorials, animated videos in different styles, videos with real people, or interactive trainings with added sound as well as interesting quizzes and queries.

We currently have individual solutions in the following areas:

A common security understanding for your entire organization!

The ITSM Group is also a competent partner in the subject of IT security training. We offer you a variety of general or individually tailored trainings in this area.

The training is designed so that you can train your entire workforce to ensure a common security understanding throughout the organization. By comprehension questions at the end of a content it can be ensured, whether the participants have correctly understood the contents of the training. Through a learning management system, you have the opportunity to demonstrate how the understanding of IT security is anchored in your organization.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address: We will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

Possible topics are:

• Password Security
• Threat location (Trojan)
• Storage of data in the corporate network instead of locally
• Confidentiality
• Handling of mobile devices (theft protection)
• Dealing with strangers in business premises
• Mails (such as phishing, unprotected mail)
• Phone Phishing
• Dangers with the smartphone
• Suspicious IT-related incidents
• Never lend devices (smartphone, laptop)
• Caution with foreign LAN / WLAN
• Beware of unexpected prompts to re-enter your password

Create a stronger awareness of your projects!

You want to draw attention to a specific topic in your organization or to raise the awareness of the employees for specific topics?

In order to prepare and/or sensitize your employees to specific projects or project results, Digital Learning offers the right solution for you. We create awareness for you and create a short animated video together with the most important stakeholders of your project.

For example, if you want to introduce a particular process, you can show training videos for this purpose in advance to promote the audience's awareness and even enthusiasm. Thus, you win the approval and support you need for your project!

Please contact us at the following e-mail address: We will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

Digital learning solves existing challenges in the field of training

In face-to-face trainings, the transfer of knowledge is often done in the way that both, the trainer and the participants, meet for a fixed date in a particular place. This is usually accompanied by widespread arrivals and the interruption of other obligations.

The ever-recurring question about the digital provision of our presentation materials within the context of training events obviously shows that there is a clear need to have the documents at hand at all times. One solution to all of these challenges is the ITSM Group's Digital Learning product. A virtual learning environment gives you the opportunity to learn exactly when you have time and desire at the place where you just want or need to be: In the fresh air, while bridging waiting times or in the evening at the hotel room.

Unfortunately, we are offering our Web Based Trainings and Blended Learnings only in German at the moment: