Application Management

The following are included among the practice-proven standard services in the Application Management for the ITSM tools, due to their realisations in several renowned companies: the innovation consulting for the Process Managers, the tailoring of the system to fit the environment of the IT organisation, an implementation of the bugfix and functional releases, as well as the Incident and Problem Management.
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Application Management

Prevent your ITSM solution rapid aging

Process maintenance and enhancement of ITSM Systems in an IT organisation can be fraught with problems. Many organisations do not make use of a defined request management process after a system Go Live and instead user requested changes and enhancements are delivered in an uncoordinated manner. This usually results in technical structural changes that mean future enhancements can only be realised with extensive cost and effort. Similar negative outcomes have been noted when integrating additional process modules.

A more serious and cumulative effect is the evolutionary discrepancy compared to the manufacturers evolutionary process. The consequence is an individualized system that can be considered outdated after only a few years as it is inadequate to support process improvements. This incited us to develop a Service Portfolio for Application Management in cooperation with the user base that assists in eliminating these negative effects and at the same time results in operational cost savings of up to 30%.

We keep your ITSM solution performing in the long term

The noticeable costs savings are not only as a result of us managing the request process and that all new requests are subject to a business use case analysis which creates a cost-related restrictive control option that is absent in an undefined request process.

In addition to the economic benefit, the protection of your investment is another key reason to utilise our Application Management Service because the consequent orientation on the roadmap of the manufacturer avoids that the system loses its release ability through excessive individual intervention. This significantly prolongs the life of the ITSM solution and offers additional investment protection.

The following established standard services for ITSM Application Management are implemented in several renowned companies:

·       Innovation counsulting for process managers

·       Adaptation of the system to the IT organization environment

·       Implementation of bugfixes and functional releases

·       Incident and Problem Management

Additionally dependent on the ITSM Suite a range of standard reports are generated. In conclusion, next to continuous system optimisation through manufacturer releases, optional enhanced processes for Change, Incident and Asset management are available to our customers as release ready customising sets.

One more very special thing:

Our exclusive IT Quality Method is used in our Application Services and it ensures that we set the bar high in terms of quality of service.

Practical advantages

  • Flat-rate for release upgrades for a simple and cost-transparent realisation.
  • Requests are assessed transparently in their expenditure and performed in such manner, that the changes are completely release-capable
  • Prompt availability of the functional innovations of the manufacturer.
  • Advanced reference processes can be conveniently and quickly brought into service as optional release-capable customising sets.